Trade fair experts from Q-Tech discuss internally

Satisfied customers and employees are our drive

Our customers range from small businesses to large corporations, from the automotive industry to electronics, medical technology and aerospace. We are able to measure and digitally reproduce objects of any size. What makes our company stand out as an accredited measurement and testing laboratory is not only our reliability, but especially the precise handling of our services. Our customers have been loyal companions for years and appreciate our reproducible and meaningful measurement results.Satisfied customers and employees are our motivation. We have the claim to be among the best in the industry and to constantly develop ourselves further. Since the company was founded in 2006, we have strived for continuous company growth and invest in development, technology and in the further training of our team. After all, our employees are our most valuable asset. Each and every one of them is characterized, among other things, by a high level of performance, sound specialist knowledge, reliability and loyalty.

Q-Tech executives walk up to camera smiling