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Our employees are highly qualified and true experts in their field. We regularly pass on this know-how and the essence of years of experience in external training courses.

Employees discuss a project together in the meeting room

This is how it works

We provide you with practice-oriented, up-to-date knowledge and a deep understanding of interrelationships. For example, we also offer seminars on the content, interpretation and application of European and international standards.

The aim is always to enable you to implement what you have learned quickly and easily in your day-to-day business. We work exclusively with high-performance partners, such as the Steinbeis Consulting Center for Design, Materials and Standardization.

Geometric product specification (ISO GPS)

From the function to the measurement report



  • The seminar will use concrete practical examples to show you how to achieve functionally correct tolerancing while simplifying your specifications and reducing inspection characteristics.
  • They recognize the sometimes significant influence of the choice of filter type and filter settings as well as of reference elements and the structure of the reference system on the measurement result.
  • Concrete practical tips for design and measurement technology allow you to implement them immediately after the seminar.
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Fabian Kerscher shows Q-Tech employees points in measurement results