Measurement expert from Q-Tech on the phone with customer

To the point

We provide assistance and support in all aspects of everyday metrology.

Fabian Kerscher shows Q-Tech employees points in measurement results

This is how it works

We provide you with suitable (digital) concepts and solutions for quick support and advice.
Upon completion, you will receive your own account and thus direct access to the Q-Tech measurement experts. Here you can subscribe to different services in the various models on a monthly basis or book without any obligation with a prepaid solution.

Our competence at a glance


  • Uncomplicated, fast, competent & target-oriented consulting for measurement tasks across the entire supply chain
  • Helper & supporter in interpretation and implementation of drawing specifications according to current ISO-GPS standard in metrology or test planning
  • We provide suitable (digital) concepts and solutions for rapid support and advice


  • Your employees become more productive
  • without queue directly to the expert
  • Offer individually configurable
  • possible worldwide, thanks to novel digital concepts
  • optimal support

Use Cases

Employee works in front of a computer tomograph

Support for the evaluation of CT scans

Employee starts a measuring process in the measuring laboratory

Direct support at your measuring devices

Q-Tech employees examine a component together in the measurement laboratory

Assistance for the metrological implementation of the ISO GPS standard

Employees examine a component together in the measuring laboratory

Support for test planning