Employee starts a measuring process in the measuring laboratory


3D scan
"The focus is on the profile of your measurement object: we look at all contours, distances, edge conditions and angles with pinpoint accuracy in order to determine any deviations."

To the point

The contour is an elementary component of geometric product specifications. Radii, chamfers, angles and edges are often among the function-critical features. Precise testing is therefore essential to avoid errors.

Various types of optical and tactile test measuring devices are used to measure the contour and geometry of components. Our extensive range offers flexible contour measuring devices for all surface and profile requirements. We use the stylus method to measure geometries precisely and reproducibly, even over long measuring distances.

Our measurement experts document the contour accuracy of your product reliably and comprehensibly. We visualize the high-precision measurement results in 2D graphical representations. This makes contour deviations visible down to the last detail.

ZEISS SURFCOM NEX 031 SD-14 N in the Q-Tech measuring lab

Our competence at a glance


  • Automated contour measurement
  • High-precision testing of component or product contours in the micrometer range
  • Meaningful logging and visualization as a PDF file


  • Wide range of applications, suitable for large and very small components
  • Production optimization and error detection