Measurement expert from Q-Tech on the phone with customer

This is how it works

You sit at your desk and plan a future measurement.

In doing so, you consider a suitable measuring system and suitable sensor systems. You also work out a measurement strategy and think about a functional clamping of your component. You may also design a suitable fixture with your CAD system.

With any of these tasks, ambiguities now arise, you lack the ideas, the experience, or you simply don't have the time.

THE SOLUTION: You register with your account directly with the Q-Tech measurement experts you want and are immediately supported and advised thanks to novel digital concepts. Completely transparent and without a complicated ordering process.

Further Use Cases

Employee works in front of a computer tomograph

Support for the evaluation of CT scans

Employee starts a measuring process in the measuring laboratory

Direct support at your measuring devices

Q-Tech employees examine a component together in the measurement laboratory

Assistance for the metrological implementation of the ISO GPS standard