Measurement expert from Q-Tech on the phone with customer

This is how it works

You are working on a measuring device in your measuring room. This may be a coordinate measuring system, a 3D scanner or similar.
Now, however, difficulties or ambiguities arise:
- You are not sure what the appropriate measuring strategy is or which fixture should be used.
- You have problems with the evaluation or the creation of the measuring program.

- You have difficulties in choosing a suitable measurement strategy or questions about the correct procedure.
- You want a look over the measurement results and an interpretation.

THE SOLUTION: You log in with your account directly to the Q-Tech measurement experts you want and are immediately supported and advised thanks to novel digital concepts. Completely transparent and without a complicated ordering process.

Further Use Cases

Employee works in front of a computer tomograph

Support for the evaluation of CT scans

Q-Tech employees examine a component together in the measurement laboratory

Assistance for the metrological implementation of the ISO GPS standard

Employees examine a component together in the measuring laboratory

Support for test planning