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To the point

With our "Q-Tech Mold Guide" we have developed a process that helps to get your mold to series release as quickly as possible.

This is how it works

Our work begins even before the actual measurement process:
We help and advise you with the standard-compliant component specification and the metrological feasibility. We also take care of the test planning for you in advance.

As soon as you have produced your first measurement samples, it's our turn again: we scan all components with our computer tomographs and first determine target/actual comparisons in various orientations.

We document all determined dimensions precisely and clearly in an interim measurement report. We then simulate various options for different tool corrections. On this basis, we generate tool correction data for you, which you can use to correct and optimize your tool directly. You receive meaningful feedback during each step. We support you right through to successful series release and provide you with a clear initial sample test report and comprehensive documentation at the end.

Our competence at a glance


  • "Q-Tech Mold Guide" helps get your mold to production release as quickly as possible
  • Helping and advising on standard-compliant component specification and metrological feasibility
  • Test planning included in advance
  • Scan all components with CT and determine target/actual comparisons
  • Accurately and clearly document all determined measurements in the intermediate measurement report


  • Preventive consideration of metrological aspects
  • Extensive know-how and valuable feedback for your process
  • Reduction of correction loops
  • Digital and transparent correction process
  • Time and cost reduction

The Q-Tech Mold Guide

In advance:
Metrological consulting & character interpretation
incl. joint workshop

In advance:
Test planning & measurement program creation

In process:
Correction loop(s)

In process:
Creation of CT scans
incl. STL file + target/actual comparison (alternative alignment)

In process:
Preparation of an interim measurement report

In process:
Simulation of possible tool correction

In process:
Tool correction data determination

In process:
Feedback and discussion of results / findings
incl. joint workshop and presentation of results

Completion of the process:
Initial sample test report and comprehensive documentation
incl. joint workshop, presentation of results, archiving of components

In process:
Correction loop(s)