Employee starts a measuring process in the measuring laboratory


3D scan

Short and sweet

Quickly determine, test and analyze surface characteristics of a product. We enable surface measurements in the nanometer range.

"Identify external discrepancies to avoid additional costs further down the process and make a sustainable investment in your product quality."
Employees examine a component together in the measuring laboratory

This is how it works

Profile control is a two-dimensional measurement and is performed with our tactile probing system. Our measuring device captures the object surface very precisely at points by probing. With our tactile scanning we create a surface section and determine an exact profile to determine the surface structure of your test object. In this way, we record all roughness and waviness parameters in accordance with the standards.

In practice

Our tactile measuring systems offer a wide range of applications: from pharmaceuticals and medical technology to the tool industry and the automotive industry. Our surface measurements are applicable for all industrial sectors.

Roughness measurement in the Q-Tech measurement laboratory

Our competence at a glance


  • Digitization of the surface with very high measuring accuracy using the stylus method
  • Possibility to program automated measuring sequences individually
  • Logging of the measured values with graphical display


  • Wide range of applications, suitable for large as well as very small components
  • Extremely precise measurement 
  • descriptive and uniform data provision