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Contour measuring devices: selection and applications at a glance

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Metrology plays a crucial role in modern industry and research. Contour measuring devices in particular are tools of immeasurable importance that are used in many areas.

What exactly is a contour measuring device and why is it so important for modern industry? A contour measuring device is a specialized instrument capable of measuring and analyzing the fineness and accuracy of surfaces and edges. As technology advances, state-of-the-art contour measuring devices offer increasingly precise measurements and flexibility in a wide range of applications and shapes.

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What is a contour measuring device?

A contour measuring device is a high-precision measuring instrument used in industrial production and quality assurance. It is used for the precise measurement and assessment of surface contours, i.e. the shapes and structures of components or products.

Contour measuring devices play an essential role in quality control and product development. They help to ensure accuracy and compliance with industry standards.

The advantages of a contour measuring device

A contour measuring device offers numerous advantages. First of all, it enables high-precision measurement of surface contours. This is particularly important in industrial sectors where the slightest deviations have a significant impact on product performance. 

Another advantage is the ability to perform fast and repeatable measurements. This consistency ensures consistent product quality and helps to reduce rejects and rework, resulting in significant cost savings.

Contour measuring machines are also generally somewhat easier to operate than other machines because intuitive controls and software enable efficient measurement and data evaluation. The process not only saves time, but also improves working conditions for staff.

Applications of contour measuring devices

Contour measuring devices are used in numerous industrial sectors. Their precise measuring functions are more important than ever in the automotive industry, aerospace, medical technology and many other sectors.

In the automotive industry, for example, contour measuring devices are used to check the contours of engine components, transmission parts and other components. Their precise measurements ensure that all parts fit together perfectly during assembly and guarantee optimum performance.

In the aerospace industry, contour measuring devices are used to check the surface contours of aircraft and spacecraft parts. The technical requirements here are particularly high, as even the smallest deviations can have serious consequences.

Contour measuring devices are also of great importance in medical technology. They are used to measure and check medical devices and implants to ensure the safety and effectiveness of these products.

Use in measuring laboratories

Measuring laboratories are another area in which contour measuring devices play an important role. Here, they are used to measure and check components and products under controlled conditions.

In a measuring laboratory, a contour measuring device can help to achieve accurate and repeatable measurement of complex contours. This is often necessary to ensure that products meet certain quality standards or legal requirements.

In addition, measuring laboratories are often confronted with a variety of different components and product types. Flexible contour measuring devices are able to measure a wide range of surface structures and specific shapes, making them an indispensable tool in these areas.

High-precision contour measuring devices

High-precision contour measuring devices are specialized instruments designed for particularly demanding measuring tasks . They can measure surface contours with high accuracy of a few micrometers or even nanometers.

These high-precision devices use the latest technologies to ensure maximum measurement accuracy. They are often equipped with advanced sensors that offer a very fine resolution and use specialized software for data evaluation.

High-precision contour measuring devices are essential in areas where extremely accurate measurements are required, such as microelectronics, precision mechanics or medical technology. Here, even the smallest contour deviations can have a significant impact on the performance and reliability of the products.

Investing in a highly accurate contour measuring device can offer significant benefits, including improved product quality, reduced waste and improved quality assurance effectiveness.

Flexible contour measuring device

A flexible contour measuring device is an adaptive measuring instrument capable of measuring a variety of surface contours. The device is designed so that it can be adjusted to different product types and shapes, making it an extremely versatile tool in quality control and product development.

Flexibility is particularly relevant in industries where products are constantly being developed and improved. A flexible contour measuring device enables manufacturers to react quickly to changes in product design while ensuring compliance with quality standards.

Most flexible contour measuring devices have user-friendly software that makes it easy for users to make changes to the measurement parameters without much difficulty. This can be particularly useful when developing new products or when adjustments need to be made to existing products.

Electronic shape determination of contour measuring devices

Electronic form and roughness determination is an advanced function of many contour measuring devices. It makes it possible to measure both the exact shape and the surface roughness of an object with high precision.

The shape of an object can have a strong influence on its function. Deviations in the shape of engine parts, for example, can lead to a loss of performance or even damage. This is why precise measurement and monitoring of the shape is of absolute importance in many branches of industry.

The roughness of a surface, on the other hand, can influence aspects such as friction, wear, adhesion and even the aesthetic appearance. Contour measuring devices that can perform roughness measurement therefore offer additional benefits.

Modern contour measuring devices that perform electronic form and roughness measurements use advanced sensor technology and specialized software to achieve precise and repeatable measurements. The process enables comprehensive surface characterization, leading to better quality control and ultimately improved end products.

Measurement of surface structures, grooves and tooth shapes

Contour measuring devices are able to accurately determine the shape of various surface structures, including grooves and other special shapes. This capability is particularly important in industries where such structures play a role in the function of a product.

Grooves can play a crucial role in lubrication in engine or transmission parts, among others, and thus influence the service life and performance of the part. Accurate measurement of the groove shape is therefore crucial to ensure that they fulfill their purpose.

Other special shapes, such as threads or tooth shapes, are also important in various applications. A contour measuring device that is able to accurately measure such structures can help to ensure the quality and functionality of the end product.

Types of contour measuring devices 

There are various types of contour measuring devices, which differ according to their measuring functions and applications. Here are some of the most common:

  • Contact contour measuring devices: This type of device uses a physical probe that moves over the surface of the object to be measured. This method is also known as the stylus method or 2D stylus method. It is particularly useful for measuring simple contours and usually offers high accuracy.

  • Optical contour measuring devices: With these devices, the contour is determined using optical methods such as laser scanning or white light interferometry. They are particularly suitable for measuring complex or sensitive contours that could be damaged by physical contact.

  • 3D contour measuring devices: These devices are able to perform three-dimensional contour measurements. They are particularly suitable for measuring complex geometries and can often measure surface roughness and shape accuracy at the same time.

Choosing the right type of contour measuring device depends on the specific application and the user's requirements. In many cases, the combination of different measuring methods can be the best solution to perform a comprehensive and accurate contour measurement.

Mitutoyo with groundbreaking software

Mitutoyo, one of the leading manufacturers of precision measuring instruments, offers advanced software solutions that enhance the functionality and user-friendliness of its contour measuring instruments.

Mitutoyo's software provides intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that allow users to efficiently collect, analyze and manage measurement data. It allows fast and accurate measurement of various contours and helps to improve measurement accuracy.

Machine data can be easily sent to a Microsoft Excel worksheet via an interface to quickly read in or process data. 

Furthermore, other Mitutoyo software tools offer a Bluetooth interface that can be used to download measurement data directly to your smartphone, tablet or PC without a receiver. 

The most important functions include 

  • Visual support when measuring (makes the process easier) 
  • Measurement management via mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) 
  • Simple process control
  • Data reception
  • Data storage
  • Data output format as CSV
  • Tolerance assessment
  • Diagrams
  • Statistics (histogram)

Germany Asimeto Germany Gmbh

Asimeto Germany GmbH is recognized as a leading manufacturer of high-quality handheld measuring instruments and contour measuring devices. The company offers a wide range of measuring instruments, including calipers, micrometers, dial gauges, micrometers, depth gauges, internal micrometers and powerful stereo microscopes.

Asimeto serves customers from numerous industrial sectors - automotive, mechanical engineering, medical technology, aerospace, electrical industry and motorsport, to name but a few. Companies in over 30 countries rely on the quality and precision of Asimeto products.

The company's ISO-certified range of products and services is becoming increasingly popular with engineers throughout Europe. Asimeto's in-house calibration laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and meets the highest quality standards. All products are tested to applicable standards such as ASME, DIN and JJG to ensure consistent quality and measurement accuracy.

Another advantage: Asimeto offers laser engraving of text, logo or identification number on the products on request. 

Accretech: Pioneer in precision measurement technology

Accretech, recognized worldwide for its advanced precision measurement technology, has made a name for itself in the industry with its high-quality contour measuring devices. With a wide-ranging product portfolio, Accretech responds flexibly to different requirements in quality control and quality assurance. One of the main features of their devices is the user-friendly software. It not only enables easy handling, but also in-depth analysis of measurement data, which allows companies to further optimize production processes. 

A special star in Accretech's product range is the Surfcom NEX series. These models feature state-of-the-art technology and exceptional measurement accuracy, making it possible to precisely analyze complex surface contours. As a result of this innovation, Accretech continues to provide its customers with state-of-the-art solutions to keep them one step ahead in the highly competitive manufacturing environment. 

Find the right manufacturer for your needs

There are various factors to consider when choosing the right contour measuring device. In addition to the technical requirements and price, the manufacturer's reputation and customer service also play an important role.

A reputable manufacturer should not only provide high-quality and reliable products, but also ensure comprehensive customer services such as technical support, training and maintenance. These services can provide significant added value and help to improve the service life and efficiency of your contour measuring device.

It can also be helpful to read customer reviews and test reports. These can provide valuable insights into the performance and reliability of a manufacturer's products.

Choosing the right manufacturer is a crucial step in ensuring you find the right contour measuring device for your needs. Therefore, take enough time to evaluate your options and make the best decision for your business.


Contour measuring devices are indispensable tools in modern industry, making a decisive contribution to quality control and product development. Choosing the right device and manufacturer requires a careful evaluation of the technical requirements and the services offered.

Whether you need a flexible device for a variety of applications or a highly accurate instrument for specialized measurements, the wide range of contour measuring devices available offers solutions for all needs. Make sure you make the best decision for your business to maximize the quality and performance of your products.