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Q-Tech celebrates 15 years of innovation, precision & metrology

Measurement News from Q-Tech

Q-Tech celebrated its 15th anniversary on 01 September!

Already at the foundation of Q-Tech Roding e.K. by Ludwig Kerscher, the owner and at that time only employee laid the foundation for the core competence in industrial measurement technology. Due to the good response and order situation already in the first business year, Q-Tech had to constantly expand and extend the spectrum of its measurement services. In August 2012, Q-Tech took the big step to move from the IGZ in Roding to its own company building in the industrial area Roding-Altenkreith.

Even after 15 years of innovation, precision & measurement technology - in the meantime in the second generation - it is close to our heart to create innovations!

Thanks to our excellently trained and dedicated team, we have developed into the company we are today. Together we measure the future with innovative technology! For this reason, on our anniversary we would like to thank all our employees, but also long-standing customers and partners for the good and trusting cooperation and look forward to the coming years and future projects!

To celebrate, there was a meal for all employees on 01 September. On October 15, the 15th anniversary of the service company was now celebrated in conjunction with the annual Q-Tech Hiking Day.