comprehensive analyses

Measurement technologies

Detailed insights for well-founded decisions

We combine the individual measurement techniques in perfect symbiosis. Our customers therefore receive exactly the measurements they need to meet their specific requirements and thus make well-founded decisions for their company.

Measurement experts for the industry

Quality guarantor for technology companies

Our goal is for our trade fair experts to make the products of tomorrow possible. To achieve this goal, we provide the best trade fair experts in the world.

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Measurement experts with vision
Your advantages with Q-Tech

What our customers appreciate about us


Trust in our flexibility. We make your performance possible.

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Thanks to our certificates and accreditation for CMM and CT, your measurement results are demonstrably correct and reliable.

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Benefit from our comprehensive understanding of processes and our Q-Tech Consulting & Q-Tech Expert Academy.

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At Q-Tech, you speak directly to your assigned measurement expert and receive personal support.

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Measurement technologies

We offer the right measuring technology for almost every shape, size and material.

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Thanks to our automation technology, we measure efficiently and quickly.

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