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CT scan: A crucial technology in modern mechanical engineering

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In the high-precision world of mechanical engineering, checking the functionality of various components is crucial. One key technology that helps check products for the highest quality is computed tomography (CT) scanning technology.

What makes the CT scan a key technology? CT scanning allows complex components to be captured and analyzed in 3D. The process is fast, simple and almost completely digital, so that in most cases CT processes have clear economic advantages over older tactile measurement methods.

However, a CT scan comes at a high cost. For this reason, we at Q-Tech offer cost-effective CT packages that meet the needs of companies for which it is unprofitable to purchase their own CT scanner.

What is a CT scan?

A computed tomography scanner is a medical and industrial imaging system that produces a series of X-ray images from different angles. These images are then assembled by a computer into a 3D representation of the object being scanned - the CT scan. This makes it possible to visualize internal structures and defects that would not be visible with other imaging methods such as optical 3D scans or ultrasound.

How does a CT scan work?

A CT scan system consists of an X-ray tube, a detector, a rotating platform and a computer. During the scan operation, the platform rotates the object to be scanned while the X-ray tube sends X-rays through the object. The detector then intercepts the rays on the other side of the object and sends them to the computer. The computer subsequently uses this information to create a 3D image of the object.

Why is a CT scan important in mechanical engineering?

Quality assurance is of crucial importance in mechanical engineering. A CT scan can reveal internal structures and defects in components that would not be visible with other imaging methods such as X-rays or ultrasound. This allows manufacturers to ensure that their products meet the highest standards.

The advantages of a CT scan

A CT scan offers a number of advantages over other imaging modalities. 

These include:

  1. Precision: A CT scan provides precise 3D images of components, making it possible to detect internal structures and defects that would not be visible with other methods.

  1. Speed: A CT scan typically takes only a few minutes, while other imaging modalities such as ultrasound or 3D optical scans can take more time.

  1. Non-invasive: A CT scan is non-invasive and requires no intervention in the object being scanned. (Non-destructive testing method) 

  1. Repeatability: A CT scan can be repeated to ensure that a component meets the highest standards.

Applications of CT scans in mechanical engineering

CT scans are used in various applications in mechanical engineering to ensure the quality of components. 

These include, for example:

  1. Examination of internal diameters: CT scans can be used to measure the inside diameter of pipes and cavities. In this way, manufacturers can ensure that the inside diameters meet the specified tolerances.
  2. Identification of defects in components: CT scans can be used to identify critical locations in components such as air pockets, cracks and porosity. This allows manufacturers to ensure that components meet the highest standards.
  3. Inspection of welds: CT scans can be used to inspect and monitor welds. This allows manufacturers to ensure that welds meet specified standards and are free of defects.
  4. Determining wall thickness: CT scans can be used to measure the wall thickness of components such as pipes and housings. This allows manufacturers to ensure that the wall thickness meets the specified tolerances.

Advantages of CT scans compared to other procedures

As mentioned earlier, CT scans offer a number of advantages over other imaging modalities such as 3D optical scans or ultrasound. 

These include:

  1. Higher precision: CT scans offer higher precision than other imaging methods. This makes it possible to detect minor defects and irregularities in components.
  2. Increased measurement speed: CT scans are faster than other imaging techniques and can usually be performed in a few minutes.
  3. Non-invasiveness: CT scans are non-invasive and do not require any intervention in the object to be scanned. This makes CT scans one of the non-destructive testing methods. 

Use of CT scans in other industries

CT scans are not only used in engineering and industry, but also in other sectors such as medicine, archaeology and geology. In medicine, CT scans are used to diagnose diseases and injuries, while in archaeology they are used to examine bones and artifacts. In geology, CT scans can be used to analyze rock samples and identify minerals.

Future of CT scans

CT scan technology has made significant advances in recent years and is expected to improve even further in the future. New developments in CT scan technology could lead to higher resolution, shorter scan times and improved accuracy. In addition, new materials and design techniques could help CT scans be used in even more applications in the future.

One area where CT scan technology has already made progress is in additive manufacturing (3D printing). CT scans can be used to verify the quality of 3D printed parts and ensure that they meet prescribed standards. Furthermore, CT scans can help improve the performance of 3D printed parts by providing information about the structure and composition of the materials.

Another area in which CT scan technology will play an important role in the future is the automation of quality control processes. By automating CT scans, companies are able to improve the efficiency of their quality control processes while reducing costs.

Why do we offer CT packages?

A CT scan is associated with high costs, both in terms of the initial cost of the machine and the ongoing operating costs. Not every company finds it profitable to purchase its own CT scan machine. That's why companies should instead turn to service providers such as Q-Tech

We offer cost-effective CT packages tailored to the needs of companies for which investing in their own CT scanning machine is not profitable. These packages offer the same precision and accuracy known from Q-Tech as standard CT scans, but are less expensive thanks to standardized and digital processes, making them a lucrative alternative.

Overall, we rely on a linear process that is fast, simple, transparent and completely digital. 

The points mentioned are of central importance, because the time and administrative effort in the classic inquiry process is often high. In addition, there is then usually the time pressure towards the customer, who wants to receive a satisfactory offer despite the high demands. This is exactly where we come in and offer a rapid delivery time with high scan quality.

What CT packages does Q-Tech offer? 

Q-Tech provides a range of CT packages tailored to meet the needs of businesses. These include:

  1. Silver CT Package: Includes 10 scans

  1. Gold CT Package: Includes 20 scans

  1. Platinum CT Package: Includes 50 scans

All of Q-Tech's CT packages are cost-effective alternatives to purchasing your own CT scan machine and offer the precision and accuracy of a high-quality CT scan.

Thereby the packages contain the following properties: 

✔️ Prioritized processing of your CT scans

✔️ Attractive price scale 

✔️ Automation bonus 

✔️ Simplified quotation and ordering process 

✔️ Constant overview thanks to an innovative dashboard

✔️ Each scan contains STL files in best-fit orientation 

✔️ optional consulting service 

Additional benefits with CT scan packages: 

✔️ Runtime: 1 year (CT scans retrievable within 12 months) 

✔️ Fast delivery times (from one day)

✔️ Monthly billing (One collective invoice per month and no prepayment). 

✔️ Automation bonus for identical components and 10 scans


CT scans play an important role in quality assurance in mechanical engineering and offer a variety of advantages compared to other imaging methods. 

Q-Tech offers cost-effective CT packages that provide an affordable alternative to purchasing your own CT scan machine. Our CT packages offer the same high precision and accuracy as a conventional CT scan and can be sized as needed. 

In addition, companies can draw on our expertise and experience in CT scanning to obtain accurate and meaningful results. CT scan technology is expected to improve further in the future and could be used in even more applications, including the automation of quality control processes.