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More accurate, faster, more modern: New computer tomograph

Measurement News from Q-Tech

For over ten years, the ZEISS METROTOM family has been developing and producing CT technologies for your quality control. Q-Tech Roding has relied on the excellent technology of the German company for precision mechanical-optical solutions from the very beginning.

The ZEISS METROTOM is a computer tomograph for measuring and inspecting components made of metal or plastic. Even hidden structures, which traditionally could only be inspected by destroying the component step by step, can now be easily visualized and evaluated. With the third generation of the ZEISS METROTOM 1500 computer tomograph (CT), reliable X-ray technology is no longer a thing of the future:

More precisely: Smaller details are now even more visible due to a higher resolution of the 3k detector; even smaller defects can thus be detected even better.

Faster: Due to different modes of the detector, the time of the scanning process can be reduced up to 75%; this significantly speeds up the acquisition of very many measuring points.


  • Measuring accuracy: MPE: (4.5+L/50) µm
  • Distance: tube - detector [mm] 1500
  • Resolution : 3072 × 3072 Pixel
  • Pixel size: [μm] 139 × 139
  • Software: Metrotom OS, CALYPSO CT
  • Options: Beam hardening, CURVE, STEP IN/OUT, free-form surface

Ludwig Kerscher, Managing Director, is very satisfied with the new acquisition: "With the third generation of the ZEISS METROTOM 1500, we have once again been able to significantly accelerate and automate our measuring process. For our customers, this not only shortens waiting times; it also prevents the production of rejects."