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Our most important metering services at a glance - Part 2

Measurement News from Q-Tech


At Q-Tech Roding, we have made it our vision to be indispensable for the products of the future, we are fully committed to this vision. With highly qualified personnel, the latest instruments, the most modern software and constant investment in our team and technology, we are working every day to make this vision a reality.

In this article, we would like to give you a brief overview of our most important measurement techniques, which our measurement experts perform for you.


CT measurement has been a very important part of our portfolio since our foundation. At that time, our managing director, Ludwig Kerscher, founded the company Q-Tech Roding with this then revolutionary measuring technology. The special feature of this surveying technology is the non-destructive analysis of an entire component.

Even a look inside the component is possible with our CT technology. We work exclusively with computer tomography measuring instruments of the highest standard from leading manufacturers.

There are no clamping or probing forces acting on the components that could falsify the measurement results. After the scan, you receive the data either as volume data, e.g. in RAW format, or triangulated surface files, e.g. as STL files. Our measurement experts do not leave you alone with this data. Together, we evaluate them and ensure that your prototype is ready for series production much faster thanks to the most accurate measurement technology.

In addition to pure dimensioning, this measuring technique can also detect cracks and blowholes that can hardly be found with other methods. This method is also possible for the smallest components.

Our measurement experts can help you get a prototype ready for production much faster using computed tomography.


At Q-Tech Roding, we use optical 3D digitizing, or 3D scanning as it is often referred to, to measure the three-dimensional geometries of components and digitize them. There are virtually no limits to the size of the component, as multiple scans are also possible. This means that both very large and very small components can be measured using optical 3D digitization.

Optical 3D measurement also makes it possible to measure directly at your site. In this way, our measurement experts come directly to you and help you digitize your product and thus bring prototypes to series maturity more quickly or further optimize series components.

Optical 3D measurement is very fast and also more cost-effective due to the time saved. There are no probing forces acting on the component, which enables more accurate measurement. Our state-of-the-art measuring equipment works with a stereo camera system that captures high-resolution images and thus precisely depicts even the finest structures and edges.

By comparing false colors, it can be determined very quickly whether the component to be measured complies with the specifications or deviates from them. Optical 3D measurement is used in prototype construction, in quality assurance, but also in product development and production, where it primarily replaces the time-consuming tactile measurements.

With the aid of optical 3D measurement using a high-resolution stereo camera system, components of almost any size can be digitized in a time-saving manner.


For contour measurement and geometry measurement of components, we also rely on state-of-the-art technology from leading manufacturers. At Q-Tech, we know exactly that edges and radii are also among the function-critical features on components. For this reason, we also measure these geometries precisely and reproducibly with our high-precision measuring instruments. Even longer measuring distances are no challenge for our instruments.

We can perform manual, but also CNS controlled automated test sequences for our customers from all industries. However, our customers benefit not only from our modern measuring equipment, but above all from the experience of our Q-Tech measuring experts, who are among the best specialists in their field worldwide. Through their advice, you know exactly how your component needs to be measured in order to improve it.

We provide you with the meaningful results in the form of graphical representations with dimensional evaluation. You also benefit from the Q-Tech measurement experts during the evaluation, who can assist you in assessing the results and help you with the resulting changes in production. Especially in the field of plastics technology, you benefit from our experts' deep understanding of the process.

Even good products have rough edges, but they are exactly as they should be. Our measurement experts help you perfect your product.


The roughness of surfaces is a decisive characteristic for the quality of a product. Using state-of-the-art measuring equipment, we measure to an accuracy of ± 1.5+ (2H/100) µm. With the help of a diamond tip, we scan and measure the surface of a component. Our measurement experts not only measure your component, but also help you to determine the target values. Since production becomes more and more complex and thus more expensive with decreasing roughness, especially for turned and milled parts, we are at your side to find the perfect results for your product.

We measure the roughness of your product with equipment from the market leader ZEISS and with software from ACCTee.


Strictly speaking, reverse engineering is not a measurement service, but a combination of various measurement techniques, intelligent software and years of experience. With reverse engineering, we can create precise CAD data for finished components. We combine the technology of computer tomography and optical 3D measurement.

Due to this combination, the component to be digitized does not have to be destroyed. We can deliver real data of the component, but also idealized data, which is already cleaned from quality defects.

With the help of ZEISS reverse engineering software, direct data for your tool correction can be determined. This saves up to 50% correction loops and gets your product ready for series production much faster and more efficiently.

This technology enables you, for example, to analyze competitor products effortlessly and thus also gain insights for your own production process and perfect your own product.


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